L @ 2 months

L is now 2 months old! She’s such a calm and easy baby (so far).

Easter baby
trying to sit up
a hug from big sister
pretty baby
lately, she's just Done with laying down!
She survived her second road trip and did really well on the trip, just like she did on the first.

second road trip, first hotel stay
those dimples slay me!
We see this smile a LOT!  Seriously, though - what baby smiles at you as you're sucking boogies out of their nose!?!?
first sink bath!
second hike
At her two-month wellness visit, she was 24 inches long (90th percentile) and 12 lbs. 13 oz. (85th percentile). She spits up quite a bit sometimes, but we don’t think it's much of a problem right now. She’s generally really content, and is growing really well.

As I’ve been suspecting, our pediatrician picked up on some tightness on the left side of her neck, which means she favors looking to the right. It’s a mild case of torticollis that the ped thinks will resolve pretty quickly if we encourage her to look to the left and do some stretching exercises. (In other words, nothing like R’s more severe case!) Still, Miss L might be due for a movement lesson pretty soon!

She’s starting to want to be entertained more often, but mostly likes to “talk” to whomever will listen and smile profusely at whomever passes by. She sleeps pretty well and is just generally a very unassuming, undemanding, happy baby! We love you L!


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