Aloha Friday - Smothered Edition

The baby was particularly fussy on Monday night. Apparently, he had a long day at Nana & Tata’s house and he just wanted to be held. Only. . . I had just gotten home and I had. to. pee! So, for the second (or third?) time in recent history, I held him while I peed. Baby happy, bladder happy? Mission accomplished.

Today's Aloha Friday question:

What’s the strangest thing you’ve done while holding a baby?



Thoughts on mothering - 7 months' tenure

This mothering gig is really something else! I’m the type of person that takes each day as it comes. (I’ve worked long and hard at becoming that type of person, mind you.) So, when it came to being a mother, I tried not to have too many preconceived ideas. Even so, every day brings a new surprise.

I’m still surprised at just how many things are different than I thought they would be. Like the fact that, at 6 months of age, the baby is still in our room and has only slept in his “real crib” for naps on three occasions. Like the fact that, far from having a weekly date night (like we have time for that right now anyway), M alternates between not trusting anyone to leave the baby with and not wanting to leave the baby more than we have to for work, thus, no date nights to date. (No matter, really, since we don’t really do much more than school work. . . )

Because I have no idea how else to organize this. . . here you go:

Biggest surprises about the job: how awesome my kid’s personality is, and that I’m not nearly as anxious or neurotic about things as I feared (and everyone half-expected) I would be.

Biggest lie I was told: "Once that baby's in your arms, you forget all about the pain". Here's the truth of it: the only reason I don't remember the pain was because I had an epidural. But the pain I was in days after? The deep, muscular pain, not-to-mention-whoha-region pain? That I totally still remember!

Best shower gift I received: My Boppy has come in handy SO many times! There are things that I use daily that are really great, but the Boppy has served as a cushion for my aching postpartum tailbone, a feeding pillow for the baby, a sleep positioner when he couldn't breathe well in those winter/newborn months, a baby donut when he was learning how to sit up on his own, a cushion to keep him from bumping his head while changing his diaper in the truck, and currently is stowed around the leg of our coffee table so he doesn't bonk his noggin.

Best baby gear we bought ourselves: I'm gonna go with the pack n play. It has a bassinet, which he still sleeps in to this day. We've also used it while at Aunt T's house, on overnight trips, and while at the lake. We also bought a second one for Nana & Tata's house.

Strangest thing about motherness: the thought that he’s having a completely separate existence from me for so many hours of the day. This is really hitting home as he’s exploring his world more and becoming more aware. Something about seeing him scooting around in his walker clutched at me one day and hasn't quite let go.

His latest things: blowing raspberries and spitting (loudly. everywhere. including church.); a first tooth!; running his tongue back and forth between his lips, complete with awesome sound effects; yelling/screaming; lifting his butt up and putting his head down and bulldoze-scooting toward the tile so he can slap it; crying when one of us leaves the room- even if the other of us is right next to him

Favorite things: watching him learn new things, laughing with him, rocking him to sleep each night, studying his sleeping face, feeling his body relax into heaviness in my arms, that I'm lucky enough to get to be his mother.



The Kind of Boy

Dear C,

It was an interesting holiday weekend, to say the least. First, we worried you were too cold. Then, maybe you were too hot. Then you slept for hours in the Moby, in your seat, in the hotel room. Then, you threw up. Twice on Saturday night and once Sunday afternoon. You almost never throw up.

"Was it the heat?" we wondered. "Was it the cold?" "Too much sun?" "Is he sick?" "Was it the milk?" "Was it because you dropped him on Friday?" asked your dad. (for the record, you were in your carseat, and it wasn't from very high up.)

By Sunday afternoon, I had settled that it was because you are teething. Sure enough: there are two little white bumps on your bottom gums.

I missed you today when I had to go back to work. Coming home, I saw two teenage boys walking down the street and I wondered what kind of boy you'll grow to be. Will you be a lumbering, thick-bodied boy or a tall, slender boy (like your dad)? Whichever it is, I thought to myself, I hope you're a kind sort of boy, even when no one is watching. I hope you're the sort of boy who gives hugs and can talk about his feelings. For your dad's sake, I hope you like going fishing and hiking. I hope you are funny and funloving. Dada says he hopes you're smart and that you like to learn about things.

But, really, I hope you're the sort of boy that grows into a wonderful man (like your dad). Boys will be boys, but those that grow into respectable men are my favorite kind.

So, as I rocked you to sleep tonight, I kissed your cheek and whispered "I love you", then I whispered a prayer to Heavenly Father, thanking him for the beauty of my life - for you and your dad - and asking that I will always remember to spend a little time each day in the small moments of life. Like putting a sleepy boy to bed, nuzzling against the warmth of his cheek, gazing at the profile of his sleeping face and thinking on the blessing that is mine for getting to be his mom.

See, whatever kind of boy you become, whatever kind of man you grow up to be, I can already tell you are fantastic. And watching you become that boy and helping you become that man will be one of the profoundest privileges of my life.


"May you be in love every day for the next 20,000 days. And out of that love, remake a world." -Ray Bradbury