Baby Bump 4.0 - 12 Weeks

So, I decided to do belly pics again.  But this time will be monthly instead of weekly, and this time, rather than posed with a chalkboard, I'm going to post photos that sort of happen naturally.  Even if they are unflattering (ha!). (I'll also probably do a belly cast toward the end. We're definitely done this time!)

10 Weeks
13.5 Weeks
How far along: 12.5 weeks
Gender: We don't know yet! I had an ultrasound at 12w2d, and asked the techs "best guess".  She thinks girl (twice!) and that would just be awesome!
Weight gain: None
Stretch marks:  Nope.
Worst moment this week: My nerves and emotions slapping me around HARD in the waiting room for my ultrascreen (first trimester screening, including ultrasound and blood test).  My doc originally sent me to PPA, and I was all kinds of superstitious and felt silly, but I did NOT want to go back there!  I called the fetal medicine doctor I saw with A and R (before the perinatologists!) but he's now retired.  So, I found another one, called for an appointment, and had my referral switched to them.  I am so glad I did that!  I was grabbing at kleenex and told the tech I was feeling fragile.  She was awesome, as most MFM techs I've met are!
Best moment(s) this week: Seeing baby move and kick
Miss anything: Feeling good
Ultrasound count to date: 2
Movement: Not yet! 
Cravings: Anything with white cheddar on it!  Popcorn, cheetos, more cheetos...
Queasy or sick: Yes.  Getting better, but still sick.
Looking forward to: Feeling movement.

"May you be in love every day for the next 20,000 days. And out of that love, remake a world." -Ray Bradbury