And So it Begins

So last night, M sat next to me after dinner and asked "so when do you want to start"?

I played it coy and said "start what?"

He said "start trying" (which I already knew).

So we talked about it. We talked about timing and what it would mean this month, next month, the month after that. He said he's worried about the economy. I said the economy and having a baby are not related. Not really. The economy's going to be the economy no matter if we start now or in a few months.

Later I said, "if you want to wait a few months. . . " He cut across my words and said "I don't want to wait a few months."

So, I guess this is it. We're going to jump off the cliff, hand in hand. Let's hope we land softly (or at least in a soft place).



Sunday morning

We've had a lot of conversations lately. All more positive than the "restaurant scene" I last posted about. (Well except that one where my husband quizzed me about my current weight and said "I thought you wanted to get down to 150?" You bet I had a ready answer for that one that went something like "I don't see you out there doing it with me! It's hard work! So until that happens, leave it be!")

But mostly positive. Yeah.

Like yesterday morning when he was coming from the bathroom to get dressed for his meeting and I was just waking up. I rolled over and said "hi" and he said "so, you really wanna have my babies?" And I said "well, yeah. they'll be really cute like you and we'll love them and they'll love us. and they'll take care of us when we're old. so yeah."

He says "we'd better have at least 3 to maximize our chances that they'll stick around to take care of us." (He read this in some textbook or magazine article, I'm sure of it.)


"May you be in love every day for the next 20,000 days. And out of that love, remake a world." -Ray Bradbury