Big Little Baby

I've decided my baby has "fat man in little coat" syndrome.

Hear me out.

Dada puts this baby to sleep almost every night. Momma swoops in and gets the privilege of carrying the sleepy baby to bed, with a boppy little walk to our room and short slow dance in the dark. Then, just before laying him down, my heart starts tapping out a secret code against my chest, hoping for a safe transfer into his chest, heart, being: "I love you. I love you. Oh, how I love you!"

The other night when I laid him down, I lingered at the bedside, my eyes caressing his little baby body. I realized how small he is, really, in the scheme of things. That his big-baby body is really quite small is a realization that surprised me a bit. That his 8 months of life have seemed to be set on fast forward shocks my motherness to its core. But standing there, in the dark, looking him over, I realized something.

This baby seems bigger than he is because he has a HUGE personality.

He insists on near-constant movement and activity. (What two-month old do you know gets chafed on his elbows and legs because he wiggles so much?) He is a maven in the walker, with deft turns and speedy straightaways. He and C play bumper cars, with C in his truck and A in the walker. Then they laugh themselves silly, which is probably one of the greatest sounds a mother can hear.

He's starting to get up on his hands and knees. He has to be switched between tasks because he gets bored easily. He's a baby on-the-go!

He's chooses his words carefully. Right now, he's practicing his "ba" sounds. Mostly, he listens, but when he wants to talk, he makes sure you hear him. We trade screams all the time. I help him practice his pitch. He loves it!

He's cuddly AND he's ticklish. This is really the best combination ever. He's ticklish in all the right places: under his neck, on his sides, upper thighs, and - best of all - on his back. He's got a pretty great attention span for cuddling, all things considered. When he gets bored of being cuddled, though, look out. He immediately starts whipping his head around, looking for things to touch or get into and if nothing can be found, hair is always fun to pull. My hair is ALWAYS in a ponytail for this reason.

He always has a laugh ready for his older brother. The most random stuff makes him laugh too (the Netflix start up screen, for instance?). His laugh is just the best. Tinkling fairies and all that.

Yes. This big baby (20.5 lbs!) seems bigger than he is. . . but mostly because he has this big personality that's just busting at the seams.

And I love him. I love him. Oh, how I love him!  

"May you be in love every day for the next 20,000 days. And out of that love, remake a world." -Ray Bradbury