Five Years Old!

Dear C,

You turned five years old! You've been so excited for this milestone, and rightfully so!  You accomplished a lot in the last year: potty training (finally!), fully dressing yourself, brushing your own teeth and hair, riding your own bike, becoming more helpful, starting preschool (which brought its own list of can-now-do's), and being a pretty cool kid!

You are a still a master negotiator, a force to be reckoned with, and a master builder with everything from Legos to couch cushions.  You love to play outside and really love to be helpful.  You recently told me while picking up around the house that you like working hard, because "working hard means you earn money".  You also really like to "do art," especially cutting/gluing or painting. 

You speak very forcefully when you want something and are being told "no" (not unlike your parents) but are slowly getting better at expressing your feelings and playing more nicely with your brother.  You are generous with "I love yous" and hugs and kisses and I hope that continues for a really really long time!

I tell you often that you're our firstborn, which means that you "made mommy a mommy and made daddy a daddy" and that you were our first ever baby and that we wanted you so much.  And we are so blessed to have you! 

On the day of your 5th birthday party, you were very excited that you're turning six after you turn five, and we had to make a deal that you won't be six too fast.  Definitely don't grow up too fast, ok Dude?



Things I Never Thought I'd Say

As a parent (especially of boys), there are things I've said or done that have taken me by surprise. I very often go "did I REALLY just say that!?!"

Here are a few:
~ Asking myself "are they hurting each other? are they bothering anyone? NO." and then letting them run amok in public places. ("Amok! Amok! Amok!")
~ "Where did this BOOGER come from?!?"
~ "C'mere... let me check your butt."
~ "Do not put your feet on your brother!"
~ "I am The MOM and I said so."
~ "You don't wash your face with your tongue, you wash it with soap and water!"
~ "There's no need to fight with your brother - the other half of this book is lying around here somewhere. Go find it!"
~ "Get your head out of my BUTT!"
~ "Please stop climbing me!"
~ "Stop! You're going to get POOP everywhere!"



Summer Survival - Part 2

trailer rides

bike rides

picnic at the lake

Children's museum

more bike rides

family parties

road trip (Prescott)

running and climbing in the Square

kayaking in record rainfall

car naps (same shirt, same truck in same hand, same head tilt)

tubing in record rainfall

summer movies (and running around afterward)

laying on blankets

playing doctor

trying on shoes

new big boy bike

more Children's museum


more fishing at the lake

kindle time
more selfies

more kindle time
toy bars

"car washes"
family dance parties
even more selfies
playing in rain water

visits from grandparents

more museum time

visiting fire house with friends

(I think this one is pretty self-explanatory....)
Not pictured: swimming at Aunt T's, snack picnics in the backyard, African safari in our overgrown grass (a particularly fun hour for mom with these boys), more swim lessons, endless fort building out of couch cushions...

"May you be in love every day for the next 20,000 days. And out of that love, remake a world." -Ray Bradbury