On Starting Preschool

Dear C,

You have been so excited to start preschool!  You've worked really hard at learning to potty train and take care of all your own toilet needs so that you were ready to go.

You were excited to wear mommy's "travel backpack"...

On Monday, August 11th, we went to orientation.  Daddy took the day off from work so we could both attend, and you had no qualms separating from us to go into the toy room while Ms. Arlene told us all about how your preschool works.  Your daddy was the only dad there and it's because he knows education is very important and wants to always be involved in your education.  I had been nervous about whether I would be sad or anxious or emotional, but as I heard Ms. Arlene talk about what you would be doing every day and what you will be learning over the year, I was so very excited for you!  I loved school and I am so happy you're excited about it too!

The next day was the Big Day: your first day going all by yourself!  We had talked for a solid week about how it was all going to work and you kept asking me "is this the day I go all by myself?"
We have lunch early on school days (10:50!) so that you can have a full belly and be ready to listen and learn.  Then, at 11:20, I load everyone up in the van and we're off!

Your first day, you literally ran into school!

...except the door was closed, so you had to ring the doorbell...

...and wait for Ms. Arlene to answer!

You're having a little trouble learning to sit quietly and listen to Ms. Arlene, but hopefully that will iron out soon as you adapt to the classroom. 

You're going to have a great school year!

"May you be in love every day for the next 20,000 days. And out of that love, remake a world." -Ray Bradbury