So Much Since Then!

I can't believe it's been so long since this blog was updated! As the family historian, I am woefully aware of how behind I've gotten.  The good news is: the kids' photo albums are updated!  The bad news is: their journals, this blog, and R's blog aren't.  AND our laptop has a ton of pics that need to be put into their respective folders on our external hard drive.  Sigh.

Since I wrote last, we had a relaxed Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year's, a fun trip to Tucson for Valentine's Day, C's official first Spring Break, R's first Easter (and A's first ever Easter egg hunt!), R's first birthday (fairy garden theme), A's third birthday (construction theme), the advent of summer 2015 (replete with barbecues and pool time!), another fun trip to Tucson for Father's Day... aaaaannnnddd this:
YES! We're expecting Baby Number 4!  Which is a complete surprise to me!  I'll never forget the moment things changed on that front.  It was the last day of February.  We had just eaten Chinese food with my family and were driving down Main Street in Mesa to see the progress on the light rail when M turned to me and was all "awwww! baby!" and I was all "awwww! good luck with that, Dude! I'm DONE!"

We had been through this multiple times over the previous six or so months: whether or not we were really, truly Done.  And every time, I was convinced we were complete.  I could list literally 100 reasons to be Done, but knew that only ONE was needed to tip things the other way: the baby itself and whether it was meant for our family.  So, 24 hours later, I was contemplating not being done and what that would mean.  Over the next month or so, I asked all my friends with four children what it was like, I asked fellow AMC moms who had had children after their AMC child what that was like... and everyone was all "Go for it!"

Never have I ever before been so on the fence about a decision!  I thought and prayed a LOT!  I would swing wildly between being totally convinced we should go for it and thinking we should just get a dog.  (Not kidding.)  When it came down to it, the reason people would probably think we shouldn't have another is the only reason it felt right: for R. Sounds odd probably.  But it felt right to have someone younger than her in our family for her.  

But it still didn't make sense or add up completely.  So, we sort of left things up to chance...

(it's NEVER NOT like Indiana Jones' step of faith!)
 and ended up with two pink lines right away.

I had my first visit with my new OB (who practices with a team of midwives!) a few weeks ago an it was awesome.  I'm very excited to try for a VBAC with their support. Last Friday, I took C with me to my first ultrasound, and we saw a wiggly baby and a heartbeat.  It made things more real for him (he kept saying he didn't want us to have another baby because R is our baby and he didn't want me to "leave" {stay at the hospital} - he also keeps saying it's a boy!) and he started announcing "we're having another kid!" after that, so we spilled the beans at 9 weeks instead of waiting any longer! 

We're very excited for this baby and feel very happy and blessed he or she will be joining us in February!  We have a name picked out for either sex and while a tiny part of me hopes it's another baby girl, I really believe Heavenly Father knows best and is sending exactly who we need!


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Danielle said...

Oh, I am so excited for you guys! So thrilled! And I can't believe you already have a name picked out. Way to be on the ball! And I can't wait to find out what it is because you guys pick the coolest names!

Hope it's a happy and healthy 9 months for you!!

"May you be in love every day for the next 20,000 days. And out of that love, remake a world." -Ray Bradbury